Ways to Clean a Munchkin Bottle Warmer


The Oregon Health and wellness and Scientific research College suggest home heating baby bottles making use of a bottle warming unit rather than a microwave oven to lower the threat of shed injuries. Container warmers give fast, even heating of liquid with none of the locations related to microwaved formula.

The Munchkin bottle as well as food warmer assists active moms and dads heat up food or bottles quickly, and also it is the excellent size for solitary bottles or food containers. Like all container warmers, this tool calls for normal cleaning and also upkeep to kill germs and also make certain the device will certainly operate as intended.

Step 1

Unplug the unit from the wall as well as permit it to cool down entirely before starting the cleansing process.

Step 2

Eliminate the plastic cup, cover and pacifier basket from the base of the warmer.

Step 3

Location these plastic things into a bowl of cozy, soapy water. Utilize a dustcloth or towel to clean up each product, after that rinse to get rid of continuing to be soap and also particles. Dry each thing with your towel or permit them to air dry.

Step 4
Use a small amount of fluid metal cleaning agent to a damp sponge. Clean the inside as well as outside of the bottle warmer base with your sponge. Wipe once again with a tidy sponge or towel to remove all dampness.

Step 5

Put 2 oz. of white vinegar into the bottle warming system. Include 4 oz. cold water as well as enable the blend to sit in the chamber for a few minutes to descale the unit. Empty the device and also wash with water as soon as all lime or natural resource have been eliminated.


– Never ever scrub the plastic parts of the bottle warmer with extreme abrasives or scouring pads, as you can scratch the finish.

– Never ever immerse the bottle warmer in the water. This might harm the electrical elements within the unit.


– Always unplug your bottle warmer and also permit it to cool down before cleaning to lower the risk of burns or electrical shock.

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